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As an Architect & Developer, Jonathan Segal, FAIA has decades of experience in dealing with property and real estate developments ranging from single-family homes to large mixed-use projects. He is available to serve as an expert witness in the following areas:

  • Property & Real Estate Development Disputes: Development disputes can often occur when there are challenges to development or expansion plans, title conflicts, zoning or encroachment issues, fraudulent claims to the property, or a number of other issues.

  • Construction Defect Litigation: Construction defects are one of the most common causes of disputes and litigation in the construction industry. A construction defect is generally defined as a defect in the design, the workmanship, and/or in the materials used in a building or structure that results in failure of a component part and causes damage to person or property and usually results in financial harm to the owner. Construction defects are not the result of normal aging or wear and tear.

  • Condemnation Law: Condemnation, also referred to as "eminent domain", is the legal process by which a local, state, or federal government seizes private property for public use, such as for redevelopment or highway construction. The government must fairly compensate the property owner based on a reasonable appraisal of how much the property is worth, or fair market value. However, sometimes the government and the property owner disagree over how much compensation is due, or the owner does not wish to sell. Property owners may challenge eminent domain.

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